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Best night dress

Best night dress:

The brands of night dress are launching their new collections. To be fashionable, but always remembering your style and type of figure, you can choose from a generous range of possibilities.

What is a night dress?

What most distinguish its brand is the excellent quality and a flattering cut, the designs are unconventional, without abandoning the elegance and simplicity, with an organic theme about silhouettes and textures. The brand has an organic and elegant style for young women, and the lines it handles are: long dresses, shorts and complementary accessories. This is the hardest test. Choosing a swimsuit makes all women become victims of insecurity, making the famous “bikini test” turn out to be a torment because you do not have to deny it: we all have something to hide!

However, the problem is solved if we know what dress goes well with our silhouette, how to highlight the strong points and, above all, how to disguise the weak areas. So, there’s nothing to worry about! These are some secrets of the experts to highlight the best of us and regardless of the size, look beautiful.

  • If you have a lot of bust

Opt for a one-piece bathing suit, made in lycra and, of course, with excellent support at the top. If your figure allows you to wear a bikini, look for one that has a halter neckline at the top; that is, the one that is tied in the neck. Avoid dresses very low neckline, it may seem vulgar.

  • If you have a small bust

Bikinis with hoop bra are ideal for this type of silhouette. They will lift your bust and also give you volume. If you like fillings on the inside of the bra, these are also an excellent alternative.

  • And what do we do with that belly?

The best option is to use a one-piece bathing suit. You can also look for a design that helps you compress the tummy. Are fabulous!

  • If you have short legs

The best ones are the full or bikinis with a high cut on the thighs. They will help you to stylize and lengthen the leg. Avoid wearing a short type swimsuit, it will make your legs look thicker.

  • Very wide hips

The bikini or the one piece will fit very well. The only thing you should keep in mind is to choose one with a high cut on the thighs. Avoid bath dresses with designs, flowers, arabesques or stripes, and prefer dark tones. They will stylize their figure.

  • If you’re whole body is thick

Unarguably a full-length dress with a high thigh in dark colors and much better if it has vertical stripes as they will make her look much thinner.

  • And if it’s slim

Bikinis are perfect for you! And the best of all is that you can afford to use textures and prints. But if your figure is too curvilinear and you like prints, look for them in dark tones.

Best night dress

night dress photo

night dress photo

night dress photo

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