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What do the velvet dresses have?

What do the velvet dresses have?

When we have parties, weddings or important events during the winter, women have to look for us to look beautiful and elegant without dying of cold! Certainly, low temperatures sometimes condition us when choosing a party dress. However, there are options that do not fail at this time of year.

Velvet has always had a sophisticated, elegant and even mysterious air. Its softness, elegant shine and warmth make it ideal to look good and trend in autumn-winter. This season, this unique textile continues to be an important part of the trends. Sacks, coats, dresses, pants.

Everything seems to us, but – as always in fashion – you have to choose the garment and the right time to look good and not the opposite.

We give you basic rules to use velvet correctly this season.

Autumn Winter. Never use velvet in the hot season. It is a clearly autumnal textile and it is completely inappropriate to wear it in spring-summer.

-Versatile. The velvet is very easy to combine, although it does not look like it. His ideal companions are wool, cashmere and even cotton. Avoid mixing it with wool too coarse or with tweed, because it will tend to look overloaded.

-For the day. You can go to work with him without problem. Match a jacket with jeans or dress pants, a T-shirt or a cotton blouse, or a velvet pants or skirt with a cashmere or wool sweater.

-For the night. It is so versatile that at night it can charge a more chic air paired with fibers like satin, satin, silk or with some piece of sequins, if you are more daring. For example, a velvet sack worn over a satin dress or pants is super glamorous; also on a silk blouse.

– Short or long? A velvet dress is the quintessential chic. Here you can wear it with a short jacket made of wool or even satin. If the dress is long, think it is great, so match it with luminous accessories and accompany it with a stole of fake fur or silk.

-Don’t mix it. Almost like all textiles, do not mix velvet with other garments of the same material if they are not a game. It looks scary.

-In touches. Some shoes, bag or velvet scarf give a very sophisticated touch to any outfit. And they can be carried at any time of the day.

-Print? Yes. Printed velvet is divine and very fashionable. But to look perfect, combine it preferably with plain colored garments. Only if you are very daring and experienced, play with other patterns.

-Quality. If you buy a garment in this textile, try, as far as possible, to be of quality. Cheap velvet always looks cheap.

-Color. The basic nuances are very useful and you will use them much more. But if you want something very fashionable, opt for an emerald green, purple or blue garment. You will see spectacular.

What do the velvet dresses have?

velvet dress photo

velvet dress photo

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