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The sweater dress reinvents itself

The sweater dress reinvents itself:

Fabrics and colors are also a trend of fashion more. For autumn / winter 2018-2019 one of the trendiest fabrics is sweater dress. The best luxury and low-cost fashion brands have added a lot of “sweater dress” to their fashion collections.

Sweater dress is a very rich, winter, soft, elegant and sophisticated fabric. Depending on the style of the dress, you can wear it for everyday, night or party looks.

What is a sweater fabric?

Sweater fabric is often used to create night or party looks. For this new season there are many firms that have bet on this fabric. The main luxury brands offer hyper sophisticated dresses in soft sweater. To create a sweater dress in midi length and black with flowers embroidered on top.

While at Roberto Cavalli , they opt for a long black sweater dress with cuffs and a sequined neckline. Prada proposes a black sweater tube dress with breads applied in different colors. If instead, you want to wear a sweater dress in a color other than black, design a long dress in light gray sweater and style 90s.

You have a long-sleeved skater dress made in sweater with floral print or a short sleeveless dress in crimson sweater. For the most daring there are minimalist sweater dresses in silver, green or yellow.

You will also find several very interesting sweater dresses. We have perfect dresses for any occasion like a wrap style model with long midi and in pastel pink sweater. For your more informal looks there is a wide dress in pink sweater or a straight dress, long sleeve and long midi in green sweater. You can wear these types of dresses with shoes.

There are super original sweater dresses like a fitted model, tube style, with thin straps and increased sweater in sky blue and a sleeve dress and long neck in printed sweater. Visit our photo gallery to see all the designs.

On what occasions can you wear a sweater dress?

This design is ideal for the office, to go for a drink, at a dinner, to go out with friends, a cocktail, a family event. Its design is elegant and sophisticated. It can be used in more casual events l.

However, for a wedding, formal or official night event is not advisable to use it because you will look quite informal and not so elegant for the occasion. Its design adapts to all ages, it will depend a lot on the color or the pattern you choose to make it look more youthful or more serious according to your style and personality.

Even for pregnant women it is a good option, since being enveloping, the dress adapts to your figure as the months go by.

It is important that you check well the material with which it has been made, because being an “adjustable” dress should be a moldable, soft fabric with a natural fall that allows showing looseness and movement when falling on the body.

The sweater dress reinvents itself

sweater dress photo

sweater dress photo

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