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The best dress type

This type of dress is a classic and the most suitable for women who leave nothing to chance, and are imposed with the style they always had. While marking the silhouette is eccentric, there are some more languid models that are more minimalist and are also very seductive.

When choosing this model keep in mind the parts of your body that you want to hide, in that case you can make it a little looser. We show you some dresses for you to enjoy and go choosing the one you like the most.

These dresses are perfect to look even more beautiful in our wedding, highlighting our best attributes and adjusting to our needs. There are cuts and styles of dresses for brides of designers for each type of body that will make you look more beautiful than ever.

Skirt or a tube pencil:

It is about the dresses with skirt in the form of tube or pencil. This type of dress has a cut to mark curves, so it is ideal for women who have hourglass silhouette. For those who do not, it can also be just as well if we know how to play our cards with the type of neckline, the length of the skirt, the accessories, the color and the fabric.

A bit of skill when making combinations and the result can be heart attack (in a good way). The tube dress gives a sensual air while being sophisticated and formal. It will serve us the same for a business meeting, an important dinner or a wedding.

Generally the skirt reaches a pair of fingers above or below the knee, but it will be the formality of the event along with our style that will mark the appropriate length.

Which shape do you have!

If you have a silhouette in the shape of a pear or triangle, choose a neckline on the boat, you can also play with transparencies on the upper part of the body. If on the other hand you are an inverted triangle, opt for a halter neckline (tied to the neck) and you can use a skirt with peplum.

If your body is more like a rectangle, you can add a belt to emphasize your waist more and use a peak neckline (not exaggerated). To accentuate the curves and stylize you can also choose models with prints that create that effect. Another factor to consider is the footwear since these dresses look much more with heeled shoe.

If you are short, better than the length of the skirt does not exceed the knees.

Oh, whats more?

Those who have some rebellious or tummy belts, the strips are the key to get one of these dresses and show off curves. Do you think that the famous ones we see on the red carpets do not do so? Undoubtedly, the sheath dress is one of the favorite choices of actresses and celebrities with curvy bodies.

The best dress type

best dress photo

best dress photo

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