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How to wear turtleneck dress

How to wear turtleneck dress

We love the turtleneck dress, because although you are very “covered” is revealing, sensual and very sophisticated. Undoubtedly, a basic that we should all have in our wardrobe! Dressing well is an art.

And by dressing well we do not mean to wear red carpet outfits or the trendiest clothes, but to choose the colors, prints, styles and cuts of clothes that best suit us.

And although we always ask ourselves what kind of neckline we prefer when we dress as brides, we also go to events, parties, celebrations or, simply, fashion trends call our attention throughout the year, with tempting pieces that do not always fit us well.

It was created thinking about the professional woman who needed something more the egante for the work activity and at the same time became a casual option that was transformed into something more sophisticated only with certain details and accessories. If we analyze the shape of its design we can see that it is a rather traditional garment. The way it is worn is like a gown, a kimono or even a poncho.

It is precisely this practicality that makes it versatile and easy to use at various times and, better yet, transform from day to night. A dress with a high neck, tight and sleeveless is ideal for a classic look and very sexy. Wear it long, below the knees and you’ll be ready for any formal event. It is perfect for a special meal if you wear it with high shoes.

You will look very sophisticated without effort. This outfit looks for its simplicity, so also keep the accessories very light and for nothing of the world you put a necklace.


Another super cool variant of the turtleneck is the sweater-dress. This type of dress will keep you warm and warm while showing your legs . Unlike a normal dress, it is knitted, so it is thicker. In addition, the neck is exaggerated and will protect you even more from the cold. Choose to wear it with high boots or socks to protect your legs. It will become your favorite garment this season.


Now, if you want to adopt a sober look while still looking super sexy, a black dress with long sleeves and high collar will be your best choice. This dress is ideal because although it covers a good part of your body, it reveals your curves. Combine it with metal accessories that stand out and like footwear you can wear high boots or high heels to stylize your figure.


Since the turtle neck dress is worn during the coldest days , it can be worn as a base on which to put a coat. Of course, as the idea is to not stop looking super sexy no matter the cold, wear it with boots to the thigh. So you’ll see a little leg, but you’ll keep the balance between what you cover and what you show.

How to wear turtleneck dress

turtleneck dress photo

turtleneck dress photo

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