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Gold dress with black for an elegant look

The fact is that the metallic tone is the king of elegance and you can not only find it in dresses, but also in accessories such as shoes or bags, also essential for such a special occasion.  In the first place, everything depends on the look you want to achieve and on whether it will be more or less glamorous, something very important to be able to decide with what clothes and accessories you want to combine it. As for the colours, black is the one that will best combine you.

If you want a gala look that is very elegant and sophisticated, opt for black stockings in a fabric like silk or similar and that is dense. Negros should also be the high-heeled shoes and the bag, which should ideally be a clutch and have sequins to achieve a more striking look. If you prefer something simpler but equally elegant, try to combine your dress with black leggings and booties, you will get an elegant look but probably much more comfortable than the previous one and without losing any sensuality or that special touch.

Total golden look

One of the best ways to combine a golden dress is with gold. Think that the dresses of this tone are already very striking and do not detract from them, it is advisable to wear them with shoes or sandals of the same tone or even nude. This way, you will get your dress to be the star of the outfit and you will look radiant and beautiful with a total golden look. In this case, you can add a touch of colour including the look of earrings and a bag of other tones.

Jacket for golden dress

If the golden dress that you are going to wear is suspender or strapless and you are thinking of putting on some warm clothing, it is important that you also pay attention to your choice. The most advisable thing is that you opt for a shawl if you want a very elegant touch or a blazer if you want something simpler, especially if the celebration is going to be at someone’s house or a private party where no etiquette is required.

Accessories for a golden dress

As for the accessories, the bag is essential and whatever the look you wear, the best option will be a clutch. This is the best bag model to combine with party dresses, besides being small and much more comfortable. On the other hand, the earrings and necklaces or pendants will depend on the neckline of the dress and the hairstyle that you wear, since it is not the same to wear the hair to the wind than a haircut.

Shoes for a golden dress

And in terms of footwear? With shoes, you can give a very special and different touch to a golden dress, because depending on the colour of them you can get a more or less striking, elegant, bold, chic, simple, etc.

Gold dress with black for an elegant look

Gold dress photo

Gold dress photo

Gold dress photo

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